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UK Casino Gambling Facts

  • There are currently 137 casinos operating across the UK. Of these, 24 are in London, 96 in the rest of England, 13 in Scotland and 4 in Wales.

  • Until recently, British people had a puritanical attitude towards gambling and casinos. If a man gambled, polite society would already have written him off as having "gone to the dogs." However, there were always upper-class casinos in Mayfair where lords and very wealthy people gambled.

  • Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 character made casinos more approachable to the British masses. James Bond's exercise of glamour and sophistication while playing baccarat in a swanky casino changed British perception toward casinos.

  • Several UK casinos have card rooms. The card room is a separate room where card games can be played. Casinos make a profit in the card rooms by charging a table fee, usually per person.

  • People must be eighteen (18) years of age or older in order to legally enter a casino in Great Britain.

  • A new UK Gambling Bill is expected to be passed shortly. The Bill allows for considerable expansion in the sector, including the introduction of one regional "super casino" (with 1250 slots), eight 'large' casinos (with 150 slots) and eight 'small' casinos (with 80 slots).

  • It also allows an increase in slots prize limits from 2,000 to 4,000, and the operation of 30 to 40 automated roulette tables.

  • Gaming in the UK was legalized in the 1960s. The Gaming Board of Great Britain was created in 1968 to regulate the operation of British casinos. In 2001, this function was transferred to the Department of Culture, Media and Sports. The new 2005 Gambling Bill transfers this function to a Gambling Commission which is also tasked to ensure that gambling won't be a source of crime and that it is conducted fairly and transparently.

  • Since the legalization of gambling, British casinos are required by law to require prospective players to apply for membership 24 hours before they plan to gamble in the casino. With the new Gambling Bill, this 24-hour waiting period has been abolished and customers can now enter premises without registering in advance.