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Las Vegas Gambling Facts

  • The elevators at the pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas take guests to their rooms by rising at a 29 degree angle. In fact, they aren't called "elevators" but rather "inclinators".

  • The average gambler in Las Vegas is estimated to play about five hours per day. More than half of all gambling visitors play the slots.

  • The Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas got its name from the "Name the Castle" contest that drew 183,000 entries from all over the world. The winning name was submitted by Jack D. Houston of Knoxville, Tennessee who won $25,000 after his name was drawn from a pool of 268 identical entries.

  • The 188-feet tall Stardust sign is claimed to be the most photographed neon sign on the Las Vegas Strip. Though the typeface of the word "Stardust" was altered in 1991, it's still a Las Vegas landmark.

  • The Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage is the largest saltwater pool in the world. Containing 2.5 million gallons of saltwater, the facility gives people the chance to see dolphins in a naturalistic environment.

  • The Mint Hotel in downtown Las Vegas has claimed to be the very first hotel to offer that famous Vegas institution, the 50 cent shrimp cocktail.

  • With a whopping 5,034 rooms, the MGM Grand is the largest hotel in Las Vegas and one of the largest in the world. So huge is its size that a total of 93 elevators take guests to and from their rooms and the hotel's other facilities.